Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wrapping the First Season of Holly

Getting ready for the launch.

We've been busy getting The In-Betweens of Holly Malone ready for launch next week on Itunes. Last week, we shot the next three episodes. On a gorgeous day on the Upper West side of Manhattan,
Matthew G. Rashid made his directorial film debut as did a very happy poodle named Atticus. The following day, we headed down to Le Gamin Cafe on Hudson street in the West Village. Le Gamin opened their doors for us as a premier location. Nancy Robillard directed episode 4 and under her direction, finished ahead of schedule.

The following day Jon Schumacher transitioned from a theatrical On the Leesh director to a cinematic one. We were stationed outside The
Pleasure Chest on 7th Avenue. It was a bit of a chaotic scene. Not only did we have to account for glaring light (not good for shadows and exposure), but every day The Pleasure Chest is visited by the "Sex and the City" tour. About half way through our shoot, 75 people exited a commercial bus to get their photos taken in front of the store. Luckily our actors and directors are professionals, and no one missed a beat. We remained unswayed even when Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by on his way home.

We've been busy editing the first four episodes which will launch next week. Check back for more information.

If you're looking for a great meal while visiting NYC, please visit - Le Gamin Cafe, If you're looking for some fun, visit The Pleasure Chest at

To find out more about our great directors, please visit their websites. For Jon Schumacher -, For
Matthew Rashid -, For Nancy Robillard -

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