Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Making of The In-Betweens of Holly Malone

On the Leesh is asked a lot how we make our web series. How long does it take? How big is the crew? Who on the team does what?

In response, we made a little making of video with our Flip camera. Have a look!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holly's Stake in Belmont

Yesterday OTL shot another episode of The In-Betweens of Holly Malone. As you know, we like to keep Holly current with what's going on locally and internationally. So, with that in mind (and with a suggestion by a Holly fan), we decided to tackle upcoming Belmont Stakes. You horse racing fans will know that Belmont is quickly approaching on June 6th, so we shot this episode just under the wire!

As you can see with the pics... Holly and Dimitri's Belmont date begins very nicely...

They look lovely on race day...

And then after an incident goes a bit awry...

And what the hell happened to Dimitri??

We're launching this episode later today so be sure to check it out at: