Monday, October 13, 2008

Get to Know the Cast and Crew of Holly Malone

What does some of the cast and crew of The In-Betweens of Holly Malone do on their downtime? Well...

Writer PG Kain has his first book due out this spring and he's recruited the writing talents of Ellen Shanman for season two of 'Holly'. A seasoned actress in her own right, Ellen has lately found success in writing. Her first novel, Right Before Your Eyes, is due out from Bantam books on May 1st, and her documentary project, Hereafter (an exploration of death, mediumship and the survival of the consciousness) will be a part of Singularity's ongoing United States Project.

Holly's executive producer Alicia Arinella has been working on preproduction for her first feature film, Belly, as well as preproduction for On the Leesh's first new play since SIN called, Yorkshire Fairytale, (written by Thomas Diggs and directed by Nancy Robillard). This charming play is set to premier in NYC in fall 2007. In additiion to Holly Malone, Alicia is currently producing several projects: Yes ,a short film by Stephen Belber, adapted and directed by Lucie Tiberghien and Motherhood, a pilot developed by Ilana Levine and Jennifer Bransford are two of her current favorites.

The actors have also been keeping busy. Julie Tortorici (Francesca) is the star and writer of the upcoming feature film Belly, and her other screenplay, Waltzing Emily, has been chosen as a finalist in both The Script P.I.M.P. Competition and the Scriptshark Screenwriting Competition. Brian Patacca (Danny) has been featured in several commercial campaigns and is currently staring in Uncle at the Blue Heron Theater. Hettienne Park (Ellen) is featured in Never Forever and Year of the Fish, both of which will premier at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Matthew Rashid (Dimitri) has been busy working as a stand up comedian, filming the short The Only One Who Understands with award winning writer Thomas Diggs, as well as signing on to co-direct the feature, Belly. Jessica Arinella (Holly) has also been working with Thomas Diggs, playing Harper Lee in his award winning short play, Harper Lee's Husband, as well as playing the lead in The Only One Who Understands. She also shot an episode of the JJ Abrams TV series Six Degrees.

The Cast and Crew are very excited to sign on for this new/ongoing season of Holly Malone!

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