Saturday, October 11, 2008

Launching Holly Into Cyberspace

Planning a party is never easy. There are a million questions you must ask yourself. Where should it be? What's the best venue? What would make your guests happy? What's hip but not obnoxious? Will everyone come?

These questions are even more pressing when the party is for the launch of your latest project. With every hostessing question that comes to mind, you have to think of two promotional questions. Can we get press there? How can we keep everyone's mind on the project we're launching? Can we ensure that the guests will pass the word on about the project?

These were only a few of the questions we asked ourselves when working on the launch party for the "The In-Betweens of Holly Malone." While we've already released the first four episodes (and viewers can now vote about Holly and Dimitri's future on our website:, we thought a party would be a great way to remind everyone that the episodes were out there while we get them ready for the next four.

We decided to hold the party at Elmo in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. They had a great downstairs room that we used with a separate bar and a dj playing. We had our list of people and got the invites out as soon as possible. We also made up some Holly coasters and matchbooks to give out which looked really cool. So when the big night rolled around we were ready but nervous.

With one drink down the hatch, we welcomed all our guests and offered them a free drink on us. The whole evening worked like clockwork which was awesome. People who hadn't seen the episodes yet got to watch them on computer screens we had set up and we had Joffre Myers going around getting some footage of the party. Lots of people came who had worked with On the Leesh on previous projects: Daria Polatin, writer of "Happen to Know," Thom Rivera, actor in "Soap Scum," Jeanie Dorsey, writer of "Compliments to Amanda" and Chris Borg, actor in "What Are the Odds," to name a few. What's so great about that is that, when you're in the midst of a project it's sometimes hard to get to know someone as just a cool person. So having the chance to hang out with all of these artists that we love working with and talking about lots of things that have nothing to do with work was incredible.

Now, did we keep people focused on the project at hand. I think so. Are people going to spread the word about Holly? We hope so. Did everyone have a good time. Seemed so. People drank, chatted, mingled, and enjoyed the matchbooks and coasters. What more can you ask for?

As for us, the night was a blast because it's always rewarding to kick back and enjoy what you were able to accomplish. Even if just for an evening...

Have a look at some of our pictures from the event below!


Desmond listens in to some Holly episodes.

People gather around the listening station.

PG Kain has a drink.

Jess and Marc have a photo op.

Julie and Alicia keep watch at the door to meet and greet.

Chris and Pete share some talk-time.

Daria and Julie discuss very pressing matters.

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